RG3's father speaks about son's knee injury

Preparations are now underway for what could be the most scrutinized Washington Redskins season ever. The team’s fortunes could all hinge on one thing –Robert Griffin III's knee.

The Redskins aren’t saying much about the injury that knocked him out of last year's playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but his father is.

Robert Griffin II says he didn’t even see his son’s knee buckle in the Seattle playoff game.

“I missed something in that game and I told Robert (that) I've got to have better seats,” he says. “When he threw the ball at the last minute, his leg buckled and he fell and then he came back.

"Then he got up, went back in, threw the touchdown. They went up 14-0. I would have pulled him… he was done as far as I was concerned because no one hit him. His knee buckled.”

Griffin II says after his son tore his ACL at Baylor in 2009, he monitored his son’s recovery month-by-month. He’s doing the same thing this time and says his son is recovering even faster than he did before.

“…Physical strength, lateral movement, lateral strength. He feels he far exceeds four months post-surgery from [the] first time, but Robert knows this is a long-term thing," he said.

RGIII stirred up controversy with an ad saying he’ll be back for the first game, but his father’s ready to guarantee he’ll be there.

“If Robert is training right now, the goal is to play football this year," Griffin II said.

But this season he expects to see some changes in the management of the game to protect his son and the team’s investment. He wants his son to run less.

“I think that the message was loud and clear. What they have to do in order to have Robert, you know, be what they want him to be, because you don’t want him to limp into the playoffs,” he says.

Griffin II says he scouts his son more than any other team ever has and he’s convinced RGIII has more wrinkles and surprises up his sleeve for the league and Redskins fans.