Redskins name under fire in TV ad from California tribe

(WJLA) - The California based Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation paid for an anti-Redskins advertisement that aired during halftime of game three of the NBA finals on Tuesday.

The 'Proud to Be' advertisement is a response to the controversial use of Redskins as an NFL mascot. The{ }Yocha Dehe tribe, based an hour northeast of San Francisco, did not disclose the amount it spent for the advertisement.

The tribe said the NBA finals is a great platform to get their message out.

ABC 7 showed the ad to people around town on Tuesday prior to air. Everyone we spoke with was aware of the ongoing battle over the name of Washington’s football team.

“It's definitely very powerful, it catches your attention that maybe this is something we should consider,” said Laura O’Brien, an Arlington resident.

“I think it's about time that people start consider changing the name of the team and start listening to Native American's opinions,” said Collin Kearney, also an Arlington resident.

The Oneida Indian Nation from upstate New York has been leading the charge to get the team to do away with the Redskins name claiming the word is a racist and derogatory.

Local Native American leader and radio host Jay Nighthawk, who says he has been fighting for 25 years to get the Redskins name changed, said he hopes the commercial will put more pressure on the team’s owner to make the change.

“It's time for Dan Snyder to change all this, and he has the power to do it,” said Nighthawk.

The advertisement also ran in Miami on Sunday night during the halftime of game two of the NBA Finals. It aired in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Sacremento, San Francisco and Washington

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