Nationals Park fire: Lights catch fire atop D.C. stadium

The small fire atop Nationals Park didn't cause any delays or injuries. Photo: MASN/

The cliché that a sports team is "on fire" is nothing new and used repeatedly. A team's stadium catching fire though happens decidedly less frequently.

Happen it did, though, Thursday night at Nationals Park.

A portion of a bank of floodlights perched on top of the right field stands caught fire during Thursday's game between the Nationals and Arizona Diamondbacks. TV cameras caught the small batch of flames as they burned high atop the stadium.

The fire happened during the 11th inning of Washington's 3-2 loss to Arizona. reports that a technical malfunction in one of the lights sparked the flames.

Fans in nearby sections were quickly evacuated to other parts of Nationals Park for the rest of the game, which wasn't delayed whatsoever by the incident.