Mike Tomlin apologizes for incident during Baltimore Ravens Thanksgiving game

Tomlin apologized for stepping onto the field against Baltimore during a kick return. Photo: Associated Press

(WJLA) - Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin admitted Tuesday that he intentionally tried to get in the way of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones during a kick return during their Thanksgiving night game.

In a series of tweets from the NFL Around The League account, Tomlin called his actions "embarrassing, inexcusable and a blunder."

During the 3rd quarter of Baltimore's 22-20 win over rival Pittsburgh last Thursday, Tomlin stepped into the field of play while Jones returned a kick. Jones clearly moved out of the way of Tomlin, who appeared to jump back onto the sideline after the Ravens returner passed him.

"That play jeopardized the integrity of the NFL from a competition standpoint," Tomlin said in a statement. "I have no desire to defend my character and things of that nature."

ESPN has reported that Tomlin and the Steelers could face a six-figure fine for the incident.