Damon Bruce, radio hosts, says women should stay out of sports

Richie Incognito has been suspended indefinitely. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

(WJLA) - A San Francisco sports talk radio host has a message for women who can't handle the "masculinity" of sports - stay out of it.

Damon Bruce, a talk show host on San Francisco's KNBR radio, went on an 8-minute tirade on Thursday against women and sensitive men who involve themselves in sports, specifically as it relates to the ongoing issue with the Miami Dolphins.

In audio posted to the website Awful Announcing, Bruce says that there is a "very small handful of women" who are good at talking about or analyzing sports.
"Here's a message for...all the women, guidance counselors (and) sensitive men: All of this world of sports, especially football, has setting," Bruce said. "It's set to men."

Bruce's rant is in response to people who have heavily criticized Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito for his alleged hazing and harassment of teammate Jonathan Martin, who was the target of racist and hateful messages and voice mails.

Martin has left the team for personal reasons, while Incognito has been suspended indefinitely.

The radio host went on to say that he believed Incognito's treatment of Martin is the way men bond in locker rooms, and that if women can't handle it, they should stay away from sports altogether.

"Don't think you're rewriting the rulebook," Bruce said. "Don't think we're going to your sensitivity class." Bruce also laid the blame on Martin for not being able to handle the abuse and said he's more of a distraction to the Dolphins locker room than Incognito.

Bruce also criticized people who have showed compassion for Martin, saying that they've treated him as if he was one of "Jerry Sandusky's victims."