Bryce Harper has to stop smashing bats in anger, Davey Johnson says

Photo: Associated Press

There's no doubt that Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper plays baseball with an intensity and passion that's difficult to equal across Major League Baseball.

Nationals manager Davey Johnson undoubtedly likes that, except for one thing that his passion manifests itself into, the Washington Post reports.

Johnson says that his 20-year-old phenom needs to quit with the bat smashing act.

"He expects himself to do well every time up," Johnson told the Post. "Sometimes, it doesn't happen that way. He takes it out on something. He needs to quit that."

The Post's Adam Kilgore points out that Harper has a history of smashing bats, including one incident in which he seriously injured himself. Just after being called up to the big leagues for the first time, Harper gave himself a black eye and stitches after smacking his bat against a wall in Cincinnati.

That bat bounced off the wall and back into his face.

On Wednesday, USA Today reports that Harper went ballistic after striking out in the late states of a victory over the New York Mets.