Bryce Harper excited to get back on the diamond at Nationals spring training

VIERA, Fla. (WJLA) - Nobody is more excited to see Bryce Harper back on the diamond than he is.

"Being able to get out there and swing with no pain, run with no pain and run in the outfield with no pain is something I look forward to," Harper said.

He's also looking forward to working with new manager Matt Williams.

"I'm a guy that goes all out every night," Harper said. "To play for a guy that's a five-time all-star, he is going to be a lot of fun to play for."

Despite Harper's already promising career, he's hitting a few obstacles, including a literal one a season ago. Last year, Harper ran into the outfield wall in Los Angeles and injured his knee. The hard setback taught him a very simple lesson.

"I'd like to know where I'm at more often," Harper said. "Running into a wall is (not) something I was planning on. When we're up 7-0, I don't need to do that."

Some things about Harper are still very much the same, like his penchant for a little facial scruff.

"I think we got pretty lazy in the off-season and didn't want to shave," Harper said.

But other, more crucial parts of his game, are getting fine tuned.

"A lot of base running stuff," Harper said. "I want to get better with that and see what pitchers do; try to read that at first and second."

While Harper has thousands of fans, he's also a fan of Team USA hockey.

"I got my USA jersey. I wore it yesterday," Harper said. "I'm excited about the Olympics right now... Nothing beats playing for USA."