Brandon Meriweather to be suspended for illegal hits, ESPN reports

      Meriweather has already been fined once this season for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Photo: Associated Press

      (WJLA) - Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather will likely be suspended for at least one game by the National Football League after another violent hit in Sunday's game against Chicago, ESPN reports.

      ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Twitter that Meriweather, who has a reputation around the league for violent hits, will likely be suspended for one or two games.

      Meriweather was penalized twice during Sunday's 45-41 win over the Chicago Bears for illegal hits. One of those hits left Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall with an injured wrist.

      In comments to Monday, Marshall alluded to the opinion that Meriweather should either be punished harshly or taken out of the game entirely.

      "Guys like that, maybe he needs to get suspended or taken out of the game completely," Marshall said.

      Meriweather has already been fined once this year for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers. He was also fined $50,000 in 2010 for a hit on former Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap.

      He was a member of the New England Patriots at the time of that fine.