Bears vs. Redskins: Five things to take away from the 45-41 win

Brian Orakpo's first career interception got retured for a touchdown. Photo: Associated Press

(WJLA) - If ever there were a "must win" for the Washington Redskins this season, the team came through.

Washington pulled off a dramatic 45-41 victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, keeping pace in what's quickly becoming a very mediocre NFC East.

The win was paced by Roy Helu Jr.'s three touchdowns and a pick-six by Brian Orakpo. Here are five observations from Sunday's win, courtesy of Tim Brant:

1) Reed Doughty suffered a concussion in the win over the Bears and Brandon Merriweather may be suspended because of multiple launching and illegal hits, even though he shouldn't be.

2) The Redskins defense had perhaps its best half of the season against the Bears. In the first half, the Redskins played with confidence; they were disciplined, with solid technique and a well thought out gameplan. Washington was aggressive and they wrapped up ball carriers. I'm not holding the defense responsible for the short field touchdwon after the turnover or the Devin Hester return.

However, in the second half, coverage got soft and tackles were missed. I hate to say this, but London Fletcher (at times) looked old.

3) The Redskins special teams are still very poor. In punt coverage, you have to understand the geometry of the field, namely the return and blocking angles.

You have to feel blockers on your outside shoulder and not lose containment. Devin Hester is a very good player, but on his touchdown return, Washington made him look like a world beater. You have to come down fast on coverage, but under control and force the ball carrier back toward pursuit. Never overrun the play.

The other weakness the Redskins showed on special teams was on punt returns. You should never let the ball hit the ground unless it's inside the 10 yard line.

4) Robert Griffin III has now fully returned to 100 percent health both mentally and physically. That's not to say, though he is playing his greatest football. Not even close.

However, I think he is back to where he was last year mentally and even better physically. Now, he needs repetitions. Now, he needs to react better to hid overage disguises. His interception was a bad mistake. He is leading the defenders to his target with his eyes.

RGIII is also rushing some throws. It's the old adage: "Be quick but don't rush" RGIII has gotten better every week.

5) In the second half, the Redskins season turned. Washington battled and knew they had to outscore the Bears because the defense couldn't stop them. The Redskins showed perseverance and resilience and worked for that win over the Bears.