Rising Star: Ty'Darius Harris

Last January, Ty'Darius Harris had the game of basketball suddenly taken away from him.

“We went out to eat, I threw up, we went back to the hospital and that’s when I went into a coma,” Harris said.

The 18-year-old was in a coma for almost three weeks after being diagnosed with a bacterial infection that attacked his bloodstream.

Harris lost 60 pounds during his two and a half month long hospital stay, and even had to learn how to walk again.

“Every single day when I woke up I prayed, and I just kept praying and praying and everything just got better,” Harris said.

The senior from Rock Creek Christian High School has certainly had a long and challenging journey back to the basketball court.

His inspirational return served as a major boost to the team.

“They’ve seen Ty'Darius honestly form the summer when he couldn’t run a sprint, where he couldn’t walk and they’ve seen him get up, get up and keep getting up,” head coach Christian Cole said.

Harris is ready to move on and face life’s next challenge.

“Once you work hard for something, there is always another door to open up to work hard for,” Harris said.

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