D.C. Breeze: Rising Stars

D.C. Breeze Ultimate Frisbee Team (ABC7)

Although it may not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking about different kinds of sports, D.C. Breeze is Ultimate Frisbee at its best.

"A lot of people don't exactly know what our sport is," said D.C. Breeze player Rowan McDonnell, "They might associate it with dogs or the beach."

A professional ultimate team, D.C. Breeze is comprised of talented players who show off their skills and show that they can really play. The team even made it to the division championship game, but lost to Toronto in overtime.

"It's a really athletic sport that combines a lot of elements of basketball, football and soccer," said Chuck Cantone, a Breeze player.

When they're not competing, the D.C. Breeze try to grow the sport. During the course of the year, the Breeze put on roughly 30 youth clinics across the area. It's truly a win-win for both parties, as it provides awareness to the sport and it also brings a moment for these children that they will remember forever.

"If we have fun with the kids and a couple of them like the sport, well then they might share it with their friends and that's how things really grow," said Cantone.

Children at the Fort Stanton Recreation Center got a first hand look at what Ultimate Frisbee is all about, spending the day with Breeze players as they make an impact on the next generation.

"It's more of the running and the excitement of catching and throwing the Frisbee," said G'Quay Milton, a 13-year-old, "I was actually going to ask my mom to buy me a Frisbee when I got home today."

Watch the video above to see Scott's full story on D.C. Breeze.

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