Young Southeast D.C. native overcomes struggles to become boxing star

      WASHINGTON (WJLA) - For Antoine Douglas, a young man born to a drug-addicted mother, boxing has been the easy part.

      "When I was born, I was a premature baby," said Douglas, a Southeast D.C. native. "The doctors said I wouldn't function as a normal human."

      "He was 4 pounds, 7 ounces ... he was a fighter at birth," said Annette Douglas, Antoine's mother.

      With mom fighting her demons, Antoine ran across some of his own.

      "Running the streets, anything we could find causing trouble," says the 21-year old boxing star.

      But Antoine found boxing and has been hooked ever since.

      "I'm a champion in the making. Not too many people could've lived through that and be able to talk about it," he said.

      His biggest fan: Mom, who says she's now clean.

      "It's going on 3 years," she said.

      Annette Douglas' struggles are never lost on her son.

      "Family always told me the bad about my mom," Antoine said. "All I knew was that my mom should have been there for me, and when I got old enough to realize that I need to be there for her, then our bond just grew stronger."

      Annette said, "It's beautiful. I wouldn't trade it in for the world just to know that where he's going, that he came back to get his mom to make me a part of his life. I love it, I love it."