World Cup equals big business for local D.C. bars

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) – Deafening cheers filled Lucky Bar in Northwest D.C. Sunday evening for the highly anticipated World Cup final pitting Germany against Argentina.

The world’s game has proven to be quite profitable in the nation’s Capitol due to the amount of fans flocking to fill bars and restaurants to watch the games.

“So many communities [come] together to watching these games [and] get really excited,” said soccer fan Stephanie Petzing.

For soccer fans, just getting in the front door at the bar proved to be a worthy achievement.

“We had to stand for like an hour and wait,” said Shreetam Naik

In fact, the bar was so full, it had to be closed to additional patrons.

“Our friends have been texting us saying they can't get in because there's a line out the door. They're not letting anyone in,” said Maro Sciacchitano.

A month of heart-pounding play has been very good for business throughout the D.C. region. Some credit goes to the encouraging results from the U.S. team for creating a fervor for soccer.

Lucky Bar’s manager says his tavern has been packed for “every” game and profits have soared 150 percent during that time.

“It’s nice to see the business community stepping up and putting on events. Here they've had Brazilian drinks and food, stepping up the game and really welcome soccer fans,” said Sciacchitano.

Germany’s poise would pay off for their frenzied fans. With only minutes to spare, Germany netted the goal that would secure them the World Cup.