Wizards fans excited for Game 6 at Verizon Center

(WJLA) - Even hours before perhaps the biggest Wizards home game in 30 years, you can feel the excitement on the streets outside the Verizon Center.

Not one ball has bounced yet, but there is already a party atmosphere here – a celebration of sorts for an old love that has come back into our lives.

See what they did to them last game. They gonna do it to them again tonight.

The Wizards were left for dead after Game 4 of their series here on Sunday night, when Washington was handled by the Indiana Pacers. The loss put the Wizards down three games to one in their playoff series. But now, there is renewed hope.

They have certain fearlessness about them, being young they don't necessarily worry about the last loss or the last win they just come out and play every night.

An unexpected win by the Wizards in Indiana on Tuesday night re-energized the team and its fan base. The Wizards must win tonight and again on Sunday in Indiana in order to move on in this NBA tournament. But the emotional rollercoaster the team has put everyone on now has fans riding high.

I think the wizards are going to be able to run things around and win tonight.

Not everyone agrees, like this school group from Indiana we ran into this afternoon.

The pacers are going to win why else would we be here?

But Wizards fans say they are convinced they will have the last word.