Wizards fan helps police nab ticket scammer

(AP Photo)

(WJLA) - This D.C. woman is a huge Wizards fan, and though we are not using her name, she has a cautionary tale to tell you about getting scammed.

"I thought for Mother's Day I would take my Mom to the game...and she was so excited."

She found an ad on Craigslist for Friday’s playoff game against the Pacers – two great seats for $300. She agreed to meet the seller at this bank in Foggy Bottom to look at the tickets.

"They were so professional looking...they had perforated edges...and sorts of other indications...they looked like ticketmaster tickets."

She bought them, but had a gut feeling something was wrong. So she emailed the seller again from a fake email account and used another name and phone number – and this time asked for four tickets.

"He said they were seats one thru four...and I had just bought seats three and four in that same row and same I knew it was a scam...and my heart sank."

She made arrangements once more to buy them, but her next call was to D.C. Police. A plainclothes officer showed up at 22nd and Pennsylvania Avenue, and arrested the scammer, who was carrying a bunch of tickets identical to the ones she had just bought.

And although her money is now gone, she says investigators suspect he was working with someone else.

"I hope the other people who are doing this and using 17 year old kids to commit these crimes...that they get caught."