Washington Redskins lose to Dallas Cowboys

The Redskins are proving to be their own biggest rival.

“We found the enemy, it's us,” conceded fullback Darrel Young.

After a 1-4 start to the season, the team is need of some serious self-evaluation.

“We need to get out of own way,” says Josh Wilson “We have got to accept our destiny.”

The redskins are digesting their latest disappointment in big D.

“In order to win we have to play complete game,” said Head Coach Mike Shanahan

That they did not do. While the defense held Dallas in check and the offense outgained its Cowboy counterparts, the Redskins special teams were anything but -yielding two huge returns that swung the game.

“One guy beat 11, it's unfortunate,” said Young

Remember that momentum heading into the bye week? It’s gone and thanks to Sunday’s clunker, the Redskins have just one win now more than a month into the season.

They appear to be going nowhere fast with the Bears coming to town on Sunday.