Washington Redskins fans cope with latest defeat

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - After another disappointing loss – this one to a Minnesota team that had only won one game – Washington’s fans don't know what to feel and what to think of their team.

The team that gave fans so much hope at the beginning of the season melted in Minneapolis last night. After playing a near flawless first half and building a big league they wilted down the stretch and lost in the final minutes to the Vikings (now 2-7).

This has been a season of ups -- and mostly downs -- for the Skins. And after last night's debacle, many fans tell ABC7 they are ready to get off the roller coaster.

“They certainly aren't there yet, maybe next year, but this year they are never going to get there,” says Tony McCan.

At Roland's Barber Shop in Takoma Park they are proud to sport everything burgundy and gold. The talk of the day was about their favorite team, but it was even hard for these faithful to look on the bright side as their team lost another game they thought they had won.

“They made me want to break my phone, I can tell you that,” says John Ferguson. “They made me want to break my phone.”

“We can't lose any more games,” Vashti Henderson says. “This is all I can take, because if we lose any more games we aren't going to the playoffs.”

Playoffs? The team's record now is 3-6. Sound familiar? They had the same record at this point last season and then they won seven in a row to go to the playoffs.

Can they do it again? Some faithful fans are still hopeful.