Washington Navy Yard Shooting: Nats back on the field Tuesday

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- Just one day after D.C. was shaken by tragedy, the Washington Nationals were back on the field on Tuesday.

Fans took to Twitter only hours after the shooting rampage, encouraging those headed to the ball park to trade in their red and white for blue and gold.

The players even stood "Navy Strong" and wore the colors as well, after the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Staff surprised them at their clubhouse this morning and gifted them with Navy hats.

Nats Park held a moment of silence for the 12 victims who lost their lives just a few blocks away, and Navy Yard employee Greg Gadren came out for game two of the day-night doubleheader for a much-needed escape from the tragedy that hit his workplace on Monday.

Folks here today hope that baseball, America’s favorite pastime, starts a new inning for this corner of Washington still reeling from Monday’s horror.