UMD celebrates to bring in 'Big 10'

(WJLA) - From the marching band to Testudo to free ice cream, you can see this big pep rally on the University of Maryland Campus to bring in the Big 10.

The 2012 announcement to break from the ACC after 61 years drew both criticism and praise. UMD will now compete in a conference with deep Midwestern roots – a decision school officials came down to money. They believe the Big 10 offers more.

However, going out with the old and in with the new does come with some problems. The ACC filed a lawsuit to recover a $52 million exit fee from Maryland. Meanwhile, the school filed its own counterclaim, alleging that the conference broke its own rules.

Now, the two parties have agreed on a mediator for a possible settlement.

"We will resolve these issues, but today is a day for celebration," said UMD President Wallace Loh.

And there was no shortage of excitement, as the theme of “Think Big” will be a two-month marketing campaign to drum up support and send the competition a message.

The first Big 10 home football game will take place October 4 at Byrd Stadium.