Tiara Brown to compete for U.S. boxing title

(WJLA) - For Tiara Brown, 'Princess' is fine but 'Pugilist' is more like it.

“I’ve been boxing for 13 years," she says.

Tiara{ } is from Ft. Myers, Florida and lives here in Washington, D.C. – but now she's on her way to Washington State, where next week she'll fight for a U.S. boxing title:

“I’m getting ready for the National Championships. I am number one in the world in 125 pounds; I’m the world gold medalist.”

Tiara started out by boxing with men. Now at 25 years old, she's still training with and against men.

“It’s pretty cool. I test my range – see what I can do against them," she says.

Tiara's goal is gold in the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio. But along the way:

“I just hope to inspire young women.”