The girls of Ashburn Fury show you how to impress your friends with your World Cup knowledge

ASHBURN, Va. (WJLA) - The World Cup brings out a lot of international excitement and a couple bandwagon fans - so we found the ladies of of the U 13 Ashburn Fury to give you some pointers so you'll know what you're talking about when it comes to the World Cup.

Player 1: "Pele was the only man to win the World Cup three times. My granddad coached him!"

Player 2: "The largest crowd for the World Cup was 199,000 people."

Player 3: "And did you know that only eight countries have ever won the World Cup, and Brazil has won five?"

Player 4: "Landon Donovan is the World Cup's best player, with five goals in 12 games."

Player 5: "Donovan is also the top scorer, with 57 goals."

Player 6: "The U.S. has qualified for every single World Cup since 1990."

Player 7: Two-hundred and four countries try to qualify, but only one will win."

Player 8: "The first person to score a hat trick was Bert Patton for the U.S."

Player 9: "Coach Jurgen Klinsmann won the World Cup as a player."

Player 10: "Uruguay won the first World Cup in 1930."

Player 11: "The highest average attendance of a World Cup was in 1994."

Player 12: "Twelve cities in Brazil are hosting World Cup matches."

Player 13: The World Cup will be broadcast in over 200 countries."

Player 14: "The U.S. beating England in 1950 was known as one of the most devastating losses in World Cup history."

Player 15: "Did you know Cobi Jones was the most capped U.S. Player, with 164?"

Player 16: "Only two guys have won the World Cup as both a player and as a coach."

Player 17: "And the U.S.'s highest finish ever was...Third Place."