Super Bowl Media Day at Prudential Center

(WJLA) - "We stayed at this hotel a few months ago and it was just the Westin in Jersey City. And now we walk in and you have to have a credential to get in, you have media everywhere..and then you look behind the front desk and there's a picture of me. Woah, that's me."

Now there's no mistaking Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate, who turned the attention away from himself and onto the media...literally.

"I kinda just want to share my experience, share the behind-the-scenes."

It certainly was a scene at the Prudential Center on Tuesday, where hundreds of reporters from all over the country swarmed players from both teams.

And amid the frenzy, some of the NFL's most intimidating figures admitted to being a little intimidated themselves:

"Just how big it is...goodness gracious. It's been an overwhelming experience," saidDanny Trevathan.

Former Redskin and 15-year veteran Champ Bailey and his quarter back Peyton Manning looked calm during the storm. Bailey had some reassuring words for his younger teammates:

"It's not all it's cracked up to be, but you've got to take it all in. I just try to enjoy the moment. It's the Super Bowl."