Super Bowl fans soak up Bourbon Street

Fans attending Sunday's Super Bowl are filtering into the Crescent City, and one place many of them will check out is Bourbon Street.

Baltimore Ravens fan Liz Dende said, "...I mean, it's exactly what you expect it to be. Interesting characters all around.

Music blasts from open-fronted clubs along the street, and street musicians work hard to be different.

Mixed among landmark restaurants, countless carryout counters offer food and drinks New Orleans is famous for.

"This is a hand grenade, the most powerful drink in New Orleans," New Orleans resident Cameron Kimbrell said.

Bourbon Street may not be everyone's cup of tea - or rum. But for fans coming for the big game, it's like a magnet.

Ray Bryant, a Ravens fan, said, "It's my first time being here. It's great. It's wonderful."

"Oh, Bourbon Street is a load of got Mardi Gras, Super Bowl all in the same week. What else could you ask for?," asked Ravens fan Mark Johnson.