Sochi not yet ready for Olympics

(WJLA) - What’s happening in Sochi right now is a mad dash before Friday’s opening ceremonies: around-the-clock road paving, a round up and possible euthanizing of stray dogs, and lots of painting and prettying up the city.

But it appears that Sochi may still not be ready for the Olympics, set to begin in just two days.

The Twittersphere has been flooding with tweets ranging from funny -- "The reception of our hotel has no floor, but it does have this welcoming picture of Putin" -- to the somewhat scary: "The yellow hotel water with a warning from management: 'Do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.'"

Among the biggest complaints from early arriving journalists is a lack of light bulbs. One reporter offered to trade three bulbs for a door handle, and others are complaining that their locked doors were later found wide open, and that there are warnings that you cannot even flush the toilet paper.

"To have dozens of rooms not ready for journalists or whomever, it's just absolutely an embarrassment," says sportswriter Christine Brennan.

One report says pillows were in short order, so residents were allegedly asked to hand over theirs – but even then, accommodations have not been terrible accommodating.

"You can tell in the rooms there's just subtle details that would normally be finished," says U.S. Olympian Taylor Gold.

Drapes are drooping, and what people are worrying about most is possible snooping – there are noted, nondescript devices hanging in hotel rooms, just out of reach.