Ryan Zimmerman's ziMS Foundation teams with SaveLoveGive

With Mother’s Day just two days away, one of the Nationals baseball players is giving thanks to his mom while raising money for a very worthy cause.

Someone once said “behind every great man is a great woman,” and for Ryan Zimmerman, that woman is his mom Cheryl.

“She would always go out and play baseball in the backyard,” Zimmerman says. “She’s as much responsible as anyone for where I’m at today.”

An athlete herself in college, Cheryl slowly started losing control of her muscles 20 years ago as multiple sclerosis set in.

“Things could always be worse,” Zimmerman says. “My mom is still with us, she still gets around, I talk to her on the phone.”

Zimmerman seized the opportunity to use his status as a star athlete to raise awareness of M.S. and raise money through his{ }ziMS Foundation. The organization hosts annual fundraisers, including Night at the Park.{ }

This year, the ziMS Foundation is trying something new, partnering with an organization called SaveLoveGive. It’s run by Todd Dunphy, a former Verizon employee who started a free service to help you find hidden savings on your cell phone bill.

“Americans are overpaying about $52.8 billion and our website allows customers to get that money and put it back in their pocket,” says Dunphy.

The idea is when customers see their savings, they’ll love it and immediately give some of that savings to charity, which for the month of May is Zimmerman’s charity.

“I think he is similar to our company, meaning he’s got this great platform,” says Dunphy. “He’s doing well, he’s playing well, but he wants to do more.”

The national partnership to help those with M.S., including Zimmerman’s mom, is never far from her son’s thoughts both on and off the field.

“I haven’t hit a home run on her birthday yet, or Mother’s Day, I don’t think,” Zimmerman says.