Robert Griffin III: 'I want to play in the preseason'

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III wants to get back on the field sooner rather than later.

His only problem is the man who controls whether or not he plays in the preseason is having none of it.

“I want to play, let’s get that straight,” Griffin said. “I want to play in the preseason.”

That’s not part of head coach Mike Shanahan’s rehab game plan though. Shanahan has stated from the outset that Griffin will sit out the entire preseason.

“At the end of the day, our game plan is still the same like we talked about,” said Shanahan. “Hopefully he’s ready for the first game of the season. If there aren’t any setbacks, he’ll be ready, and he’s going to have to trust me there.”

During his press conference Monday, Griffin was candid with his thoughts on his coach's game plan, and is clearly chomping at the bit for Shanahan to loosen the reigns.

“I don’t like it,” said Griffin. “There is some part of it I do understand, but I don’t understand all of it.”

Shanahan's response? Keep waiting.

"That’s my job: not to necessarily do what he likes, but to do what’s best for him and this organization," Shanahan said.

The end result may be that the two will have to agree to disagree, because neither seem ready to budge. When asked if he would possibly have a change of heart, and choose to play Griffin during the preseason, Shanahan answered with a definitive, “No, no possibility.”