RGIII invites special fan to Redskins Park

(WJLA) - Practice had just ended when Robert Griffin III decided he had a statement to make:

“I just met a real special individual that was in the conference room with us a few seconds ago,” he said.

A few hundred yards away stood Kate Dunn and her mom, Amanda.

“We met Robert, who was just a fabulous young man,” Amanda said.

“It was like a dream. I’m not sure that I’m not dead and in heaven right now,” Kate said.

Kate is 16 years old. Her idol is RGIII. She loved playing football too, but she suffered from a malformation of the brain and two years ago, Kate had surgery to remove part of her skull. Her football days were done – and she was crushed.

“When we would be sitting up at night trying to save her, it would be like ‘What would RGIII do, Kate?’ Would he just lay down and give up or would he get up and fight?'” Amanda said.

So Kate fought – with RGIII always in her thoughts.

“Seeing him go out there and, I don’t know, just get through so much just like me,” Kate said.

Robert had never heard of Kate and her story, but she wanted to thank him, so she wrote him a letter.

“I’ve been carrying it around in my pocket for about a year now,” Kate said.

Recently, Kate reached out to Robert on Twitter. He responded, and invited Kate to Redskins Park. Today was the day.

“I just covered my face and tried to remember how to breathe,” Kate said.

And sure enough, she gave Robert the letter.

“I had managed to get my daughter to this moment when there had been so many dark times that I didn’t think she would make it,” Amanda said.

Kate is now coaching football and nursing a knee injury of her own. She left the park with a signed football -- and so much more.

“Just a story about why we do what we do as athletes. It’s for peoThe girl that got to meet @RGIII today is about to get a big surprise - live on SportsTalk. Right now. @NewsChannel8ple that we don’t know are watching,” Robert said.

“Just to get to talk to him and let him know how much of an impact he has on people, it’s really good,” Kate said.

Later on Wednesday night, Kate was a guest on News Channel 8's "SportsTalk" with Alex Parker, where she got a huge surprise: RGIII dialed in to speak with his emotional superfan on the phone!