72 / 48
      75 / 50
      71 / 59

      Redskins vs. Vikings score update: RG III the man in 38-26 win

      THAT'S IT: Ponder picked. Redskins will win 38-26.

      FOURTH QUARTER: Less than a minute left. Vikings driving but. . .less than a minute left.

      RG III: If the Redskins hang on, the legend of RG III is going to get crazy-silly in a hurry.

      FOURTH QUARTER: Whoa. RG III happens. Sprints left then goes down the left sideline for a 76-yard TD run. Redskins 38-26. Times left: 2:43.

      REALLY?: Talking head John Lynch says the Viking are{}beginning to look like baseball's St. Louis Cardinals. . .

      4th QUARTER: Ponder short TD toss to Rudolph. Two-point conversion fails. Redskins 31-26 with 3:36 left.

      4th QUARTER: Vikings driving, still down by two scores. Time left: 3:53.

      4th QUARTER: Minnesota ball with 6:18 remaing after Skins' drive quickly{}sputters.

      4th QUARTER: Redskins ball with 7:38 remaining.

      4th QUARTER: Ponder to Jenkins from the Redskins 9. Touchdown. Two-point conversion pass successful. Redskins 31-20.

      4th QUARTER: We give you Madieu Williams, boys and girls -- the former Viking. Picks Ponder, runs for the touchdown. Redskins 31-12.

      3rd QUARTER: Peterson fuels drive. Walsh good from 37 yards. Redskins 24-12.

      3rd QUARTER: From the Vikings 7, RG III drops back but then scoots forward for a touchdown. No fear for this guy. Redkins 24-9.

      RG III: Same guy. Maybe a tad more cautious. But the same guy.

      HALFTIME: Redkins take{}a knee deep. Redskins 17-9.{}

      Late 2nd QUARTER: Christian Ponder tosses a pick. Redskins make him pay. RG III to Young for TD from the 6. Redskins 17-9.

      Late 2nd QUARTER: Redskins cap 90-yard, 11-play drive with Alfred Morris scoring from the 1. Redskins 10-9.

      2nd QUARTER: Hello, Kyle Forbath. Debuts with 50-yard field goal. Vikings 9-3.

      2nd QUARTER: Vikings are a chippy bunch on defense, no?

      END FIRST QUARTER: Redskins are lucky this isn't at least a 17-0 game right now. But it's Vikings 9-0.

      1st QUARTER: Minnesota drive stalls again but Walsh true from 27 yards. Vikings 9-0.

      1st QUARTER: RG III has pass intercepted by Antoine Winfield. Vikings get ball deep in Washington territory.

      {}1st QUARTER: Drive stalls, so Vikings settle for another FG. Vikings 6-0.

      1st QUARTER: Peterson's running and Harvin's all-around talents motor the Vikings down{}to the 2 but that's it. Blair Walsh hits a 20-yard field goal. Vikings 3-0.

      PREGAME: Hobbled wideout Pierre Garcon is inactive for the Redskins.

      Welcome to this afternoon's live blog of the Washington Redskins' visit from the resurgent Minnesota Vikings.

      The writer is Skip Wood (swood@wjla.com) , who spent the better part of 15 years covering the NFL for USA TODAY. This blog also can be followed on the ABC7 website.{}http://on.fb.me/IvU5rQ