Redskins training camp possible move to Virginia gets mixed reception

Redskins training camp possible move to Virginia gets mixed reception

Officials from the Redskins front office were in Richmond Wednesday afternoon touring possible locations for a new training camp facility. They made several stops including the old City Stadium—the former home of the University of Richmond football team.

"Leesburg is far enough. Richmond that's too far of a drive,” said Wayne Graham, a Redskins fan.

Some local fans have a problem with the Redskins looking to move their training camp to central Virginia.

"I think it would certainly be an issue for a lot of the fans who already spend money to go out to Maryland, Landover...we're not going to Richmond,” said Adam Silverman, a Redskins fan.

While Richmond’s Mayor is trying to woo the Redskins to the capitol of the Commonwealth, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is trying to bring the team back to the District.

"It would be wonderful to have the Washington Redskins back,” Gray said.

"You're the Washington Redskins, not the Richmond Redskins, the Washington Redskins. Come home,” Graham said.

With the recent success of the VCU basketball team, Richmond’s Mayor says he is trying to make his city a sports destination. There are a few in our area who would not mind trekking those extra miles.

“It's closer to where I live. I live in Stafford, so coming all the way to DC would kind of be stupid for me,” said Naomi Frye, a Redskins fan.