Redskins' Kirk Cousins, Pat White shine in victory over Titans

Kirk Cousins hit five of his six passes for more than 50 yards and a touchdown. Photo: The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The Redskins preseason is getting off on the right foot after a win against the Titans in Tennessee Thursday, even though the face of the franchise, Robert Griffin III, watched it all from the sidelines.

“Football is back,” says Larry Orr. “The Redskins are back. I think we may have a good season.”

The talk after the first exhibition game is all about the quarterbacks not named RGIII.

Starter Kirk Cousins could very well start the regular season as quarterback if Griffin’s repaired knee is not ready to go. Fans say{ }after{ }Thursday's performance, it looked like Cousins is up to the task.

Cousins hit five of his six passes for more than 50 yards and a touchdown. Then there was the surprise of the game - the player most fans wanted to talk about.

“I like the quarterback at the end..."{ }says Bill Tzamaras of Pat White.{ }{ }

Before Thursday night, practically no Redskins fans knew who Pat White was. White, a former West Virginia quarterback, has been out of football for two years. The Redskins signed him in the offseason. His end-of-game heroics, doing his best RGIII impression to bring the Redskins from behind to seal a one-point victory, opened a lot of eyes.

“I think if RGIII can’t play this year we have a guy who can step in and fill his shoes,” says V. Mehta.