Redskins fans optimistic about Jay Gruden

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - After suffering through a horrendous, forgettable losing season, the Washington Redskins have hired Jay Gruden as the team's new head coach.

Fans reacted, many taking a wait-and-see approach.{ }

“We’ve had more coaches than anybody, so nothing new,” says Bill Baptiste.

Gruden is the eighth head coach in 15 years for the Redskins. Considered a bright offensive strategist, he's{ }also the brother of former Superbowl winning coach John Gruden.

“If he has one morsel of smarts like his brother does I think we’ll have a championship within three years,” says Mike Serfain.

No matter what they were doing Thursday, Redskins fans stopped for a moment to take in the news and give an opinion on their team’s new leader.

“I’m pretty sure this guy is gonna do something,” says Luis Nascimento. “It’s a smart guy.”

“We’ll be great next season!” says Carrie Russell.