Redskins-Buccaneers live blog; both defenses will be tested

Alfred Morris runs for a 39-yard Redskins touchdown during the second quarter. (AP Photo/Margaret Bowles)

BANG-BANG: Bucs field goal to lead. Redskins field goal to win. Game over at the gun. Redskins, 24-22.

TWO-MINUTE WARNING:{ } Bucs driving and in field goal range. First-half Redskins were good; second-half Redskins, not so good.

CHALLENGES: Don't make 'em if it's not a sure thing. Period.

FOURTH QUARTER: Two big pass plays by the Bucs lead to a short Blount TD run. Two-point conversion attempt fails. With 9:41 left, Redskins lead 21-19.

FOURTH QUARTER: Long Redskins drive stalls, and{ }William Cundiff keeps stalling, missing a short field goal attempt -- his third errant boot. Bucs are hanging around, and Freeman is starting to look pretty darnded comfortable.

THIRD QUARTER: I mean, how cool was that? Double flea-flicker or something of that ilk gains the Redsins 30 yards.

THIRD QUARTER: Garcon's penalty is costly. Fueled by a 65-yard completion to Mike Williams, Tampa Bay's long drive ends with a short TD toss from Freeman to Vincent Jackson. Redskins, 21-13.

CHEAP: And a shot. And dumb. Garcon should know better.

THIRD QUARTER: We give you Mason Foster, ladies and gentlemen.

RAHEEM MORRIS: While wondeirng what's going on inside his head. . .

BY THE WAY: Peyton Manning is schooling the Raiders. Three TD tosses already.

TALKING HEADS: Do your homework. It's NOT Joshua Morgan. Josh is the man's name.

THIRD QUARTER: What's not to like about Clinton Portis, er, Alfred Morris?

{ }RG III: Option looks have been limited, he's not getting hit all that much and has completed 12 of his 15 passing attempts. This is how you do it, boys and girls, and he's doing it.

HALFTIME NUMBERS: Redskins have 232 yards to Tampa Bay's 132, including a 145-82 difference in the air. Too, Washington has 14 first downs to the Bucs' six.

SECOND QUARTER: Billy Cundiff short from 57 yards as the first half ends and al lthe Bucs have to show for it is two field goals. Redskins, 21-6.

BUCS FANS: They're booing the home team. If the Redskins score again before hafltime, this could get ugly.

SECOND QUARTER: Alfred Morris boogies 39 yards for a touchdown and this one's beginning to get out of whack, as{ } Frank Beamer likes to say. Redskins, 21-3.

SECOND QUARTER:{ } Jim Haslett's crew finally is gettin' it done.

SECOND QUARTER: Football 101. Griffin takes shotgun snap and bolts up the middle from the 5 for a touchdown midway through the quarter. Redskins, 14-3.

CRAFTY: RG III's getting cute -- and good -- { }with the hard-count, just like he did at Baylor.

SECOND QUARTER: D-Hall with interception ladies and gentlemen. Redskins ball at Bucs 35.

SECOND QUARTER: Aided by two big penalties, Redskins zip down the field but stall, after which{ } Billy Cundiff misses a 41-yard field goal attempt. This is quite the riveting game. . .

SECOND QUARTER: Bucs QB Josh Freeman is getting rattled more by mental mistakes than the Redskins defense, although the latter is looking as sharp as it has all season.

FIRST QUARTER: RG III takes the shotgun snap, darts up the middle,{ }fumbles at goal line but ball recovered in the end zone as the quarter ends. This is why his running talents should be used sparingly to maximize potential. Redskins, 7-3

FIRST QUARTER: Tampa Bay drive stalls but Connor Barth connects on a 50-yard field goal with 4:42 left in the quarter. Bucs, 3-0.

FIRST QUARTER: Redskins win coin toss, defer.

Welcome to this afternoon’s live-blog coverage of the Washington Redskins’ road game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both teams are 1-2.

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