President Obama drops by Little League game

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - On a picture-perfect evening for America’s pastime, nothing transpired on the field between the Tigers and the Orioles that could have possibly compared with what happened just before the game started.

President Obama stopped by quaint Friendship Park in Northwest Washington, and when parents spotted the motorcade coming down Massachusetts Avenue, they quickly figured it out.

And they couldn’t believe it.

The President happened to be en route to a fundraiser, and his press secretary’s daughter was playing on an adjacent field – so President Obama dropped off Jay Carney and stuck around to throw out the first pitch.

Ten-year-old Danny Ringel was behind the plate, and his only thought was: “Catch the ball.”

“I don't see him every day. It's sort of grand. It just felt amazing," he describes.

The President took pictures with players and shook hands before making his way over to stunned parents – like Juliette Steadman.

“He walked out right over by me and shook my hand -- I was so excited," she laughs.

In the end, the Tigers were victorious. But for Danny Ringel, to be able to catch and keep a ball signed by the President of the United States probably beats just about anything.