Penn State fans react to first game post-Paterno

Despite a week of turmoil, thousands of Penn State fans converged on Beaver Stadium, to watch Saturday's game against Nebraska.

"Before we ever try to go on, we need to accept what happened", says Penn State Grad Student Lauren Sippel.

The game is the school's first in a post-Paterno era.

'Joe Pa' as students call him, was fired by Penn State in the wake of a child sex-abuse scandal.

Paterno has played a coaching role with the Nittany Lions since 1949.

"For him being with the team as long as he's been, I just feel they should've given him more of a chance", says Julie Frech, walking into the stadium.

Outside a sun-dappled playing field, some displayed signs of apology to the young victims in the case that sent sbockwaves across the State College campus.

"I think it's a shame", says Joe- a ball cap vendor, whose supply of 'Paterno' caps was quickly selling out. "You bury the truth, and it comes out in the wash," he adds.

Inside, the stadium,a moment of silence, and words of prayer by the two opposing teams.

"It's terrible what happened to (the victims) sad to find out something like this was happening", says Brian Carter, a 2010 grad.

Fans are dealing with a hard truth: that former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is accused of molesting eight boys from 1994 to 2009.

"It's too painful", says Sippel. "Too hard to think about our administration and our coaches being implicated in this scandal."

For some, this game was a diversion from the continuing investigation and the legal actions that will almost certainly follow.

"It's going to take awhile", says John Donohue, a Penn State freshman.