Pa. ski resorts open 20 days later than last year

It's been a rocky start for the region's ski resorts.

At the Liberty Mountain Resort in Southern Pennsylvania, the slopes opened for the first time this season Thursday. And that's just in time for thousands in our region this holiday weekend.

For the first time this winter skiers hit the slopes on Liberty Mountain.

The resorts won't say how much money they've lost, but opening day came 20 days later this year than last, taking an early bite out of the season and making for a stiff start for local resorts.

"We are a little bit behind this year," says Anne Weimer, Liberty Mountain Resort spokesperson. "Unfortunately Mother Nature has held out on us to this point."

The delay came because of the unseasonably warm weather, which cooked all hopes for an early snowfall -- natural or man-made. Even Friday, temperatures hovered around 50 degrees.

This off-season the resort spent $1 million on new snow-making equipment. But until recently, they couldn't use it. All the snow there today is man-made.

But despite a muddy start, folks say they look forward to a frosty future on the mountain.

According to our meteorologists at ABC7 the next few days are supposed to be a bit warmer, but then come Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we expect a cold front to come through and that could really help the resorts and bring some natural snow.

Looking forward to mid-January another cold stretch could bring even more snow.