NCAA includes Georgetown instead of GWU on T-shirts

George Washington University students are trying to keep their March Madness under control after a t-shirt screw-up by the NCAA. The t-shirt has Georgetown – not GW – in this year's tournament.

This case of mistaken identity is amplifying the cross-town rivalry.

The t-shirt featured the logos of all 68 teams in this year's men's basketball tournament – except they featured a gray ‘G’ for Georgetown – instead of a buff and blue ‘GW.’

The Colonials are competing in the NCAAs for the first time since 2007, earning a number 9 seed in the East, playing 8th-seeded Memphis on Friday.

GWU student John Brockriede said, “We're not usually in the tournament so it's pretty big for us to be here for like the first time in a few years.”

The t-shirt was quickly pulled from the website, but its impact is still being felt on campus. “It's a little bit disrespectful,” said GWU student Alex Habiby.

GWU student Alyson Cina said, “I think people have a chip on their shoulders because they feel like Georgetown overshadows GW sometimes but I think you should just be confident in what school you're at and not worry about that kind of thing.”

Many GW students said it is hard not to be offended. Other than the fact that the two universities are located in the same city and share the word ‘George,’ they said the schools are completely different.

“The students are different. Lifestyles are different,” Brockriede said. “I think we're a lot more down to earth than Georgetown,” Habiby said.

On the Georgetown campus, some Hoyas have their tails between their legs after missing out on the NCAA for the first time since 2009.

Georgetown student Stephanie Biggs said, “We have a better basketball team. This year was just a fluke… I don't feel very bad about [the t-shirt error]. I feel worse that we're not in the tournament.”

Students at GW are hoping to have the last laugh. They don't want Georgetown's sympathy. By George – they want a trophy!