Nathan Davis wins Cherry Blossom 5K at age 12

Nathan Davis was first to cross the finish line of the Cherry Blossom 5K race, a fete he accomplished in a personal best of 17 minutes and 22 seconds.

His proud parents, Quentin and Nicole, were along the route, cheering their 12-year-old son on.

"He went into the race wanting first and I knew he was capable of it," said Nicole Davis, Nathan's mom. "But when I saw him coming around the curve I was excited for him because i knew this race meant a lot to him."

ABC7 caught up with the 4-foot-nine-inch runner at a park near his Frederick County home. He says he started running when he was just five years old after watching his old brothers.

"I got hooked on running from the first practice at track," said Nathan.

Nathan now runs several times a week with the Lightening Running Club in Frederick.

Darcy Strouse has coached Nathan for the past five years. She says he loves to watch videos of elite runners and work on his own race strategy which is stay right behind the lead runners during a race and break away during the last half mile.

"If anybody puts pressure on him, it's Nathan wanting to win," said Strouse. "There's no outside pressure. It's supposed to be fun."

Nathan is in middle school and loves to eat cheese burgers and dreams of being a scientist or engineer.

"We want to make sure that he has plenty of time to be a kid," explains Nicole about her son. "And has time to do all those things like climb trees and running around and playing."

But there's no doubt that somewhere in Nathan's future is running. And don't be surprised if he's hot on your heels at the big next race.

"I really want to continue and do more trail races," said Nathan. "And slowly inch up my mileage and do longer races."