MLB Playoffs 2012: Nationals fans follow team to St. Louis

The road to the World Series goes through Saint Louis tonight as Game 2 of the National League Division Series is underway.

October baseball has Nationals fans celebrating a big Game 1 win. A spot in the playoffs means a quickly planned road trip for the Done’s of Great Falls.

“We try never to miss a game so we know that as soon as we got the word we’d be here. We flew out right away,” says Natalie Done.

“Unfortunately, there’s not enough of us here to really fill up the crowd, but the few that are here are pretty steely and ready for a Nats win,” says her dad, Doug.

Nats fans hoping to get an early look at their team showed up two hours early and waited along the third base line. A break in batting practice for Bryce Harper meant one young Nationals fan got his Harper All Star jersey signed.

“It’s pretty cool,” says Connor Breyer. “I’m glad he did. I hope he does really well today.”

Jeff Hester and his son hit the road in Winchester before they even knew what team the Nats would be played. Today they will experience their second playoff game and are hoping for a win.

“Last year we were one game below 500 and now to win 98 games, it’s like Christmas. It’s wonderful,” says Hester.

Among the first to show up at Busch Stadium were Bryce Harper’s dad and big brother. They are hoping the Nats will head back to D.C. with two wins under their belt.

“Good or bad, as long as we get that win. I know that’s Bryce’s goal, to get that win and to try and enjoy the moment and that’s what I’ve told him, the only advice I can give him is have fun,” says his dad.