Mike Lonergan, GW head coach, heads to Raleigh

(WJLA) - Mike Lonergan's journey has never wavered too far from Washington but Wednesday, it was off to Raleigh.

“I’m really looking forward to it," said Lonergan.

Somewhere along the four-hour bus ride, perhaps Lonergan - a graduate of Archbishop Carroll High School in the district - paused to reflect just how far he's gone, even though he's still right at home.

Back in 1993, Lonergan took over as head coach at Catholic University, his alma mater.

“I was skinnier and better looking," joked Lonergan.

In 2001, Lonergan led Catholic to the Division III national title, an accomplishment he leans on to this day.

“I took a lot of advice from a lot of coaches who said hey, you’ve got to go down there and be really focused… that’s something we’re going to do here.”

After a stint as an assistant for Gary Williams at Maryland, Lonergan got the head job at Vermont, and then, in 2011, he came back home - to George Washington. Now, his program is dancing and this coaching 'lifer' - is on board for another ride.