WATCH: Md. teen's basketball video becomes Web sensation

A Frederick teen has become an Internet and ESPN sensation after hitting a half-court basketball shot while doing a front flip.

Maciah Thomas’ shot was featured on ESPN Sportscenter Tuesday and has been viewed tens of thousands of times on YouTube.

The 15-year-old St. John’s Catholic Prep student says he became interested in parkour, a sport that involves running, jumps, flips, and tackling obstacles like people and walls, about a year ago.{ }

A few weeks ago, he was in a weight lifting class at school and decided to combine his parkour skills with basketball.

“I just said, ‘I should try a front flip basketball shot half court,’” he told ABC7. “And it just went in.”

Thomas says he made the shot on his first try, and it gave him and his friend Jon Mahalchick an idea.

“We thought we should give it a try and put it on the

Internet and see what happens,” Mahalchick said. “It took about 20-30 tries this time.”

Mahalchick filmed the successful flip shot in his own backyard, which sits next to a cow pasture in a rural area of Frederick County. Mahalchick, who is also a sophomore at St. John’s, put it on his YouTube page.

“We were actually talking about, ‘What if this got on Sportscenter or the news?’” Thomas said.

On Tuesday, it was featured on both.

“It’s awesome,” Thomas said of the attention the video has received. “It’s awesome. That’s the only word I have for it.”

The boys say everyone at school was talking about the video Tuesday. A line Mahalchick says twice on the video{ }– “Are you serious?” – has become a bit of a catchphrase among the other students.

Thomas says his photography teacher at St. John’s is the one who originally sent the video to ESPN Sportscenter to ask them to consider putting it on air.

One fact that may surprise those who watch it is that Thomas isn’t a basketball player.

He is, however, on the school’s baseball team, where Mahalchick says he’s known for his power and speed.

Thomas’ mother Shlesta said all the attention made Tuesday a wild day for their family.

“A little out of control, a little surreal,” she said. “But he’s worked hard, so I’m happy for him … it’s been a good day.”

Watch the video: