Lady Terps make it to the Final Four!

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJLA) - They did it.

Number four Maryland took out number three Louisville, and come this Sunday, the Lady Terps will confront number one, Notre Dame.

"I am very excited as a fellow athlete and a fellow terp -- it's great to see them finally make it to the final four," said sophomore Chris Jastrezebski.

The Terrapins won their last four games, and across campus, optimism reigns:

" It's awesome -- I was watching the elite 8 game and it came down to the end; I was going crazy over it and I am just excited and congratulations," said Justin Alexander.

Amanda Dunbebin is a team manager, and she heads off to Nashville with a sense of satisfaction:

"It's really exciting especially working with the team after all the work they have done all season; it's really great that they get to go to the final four."

She and other fans here just hope enthusiasm gets the team past its next daunting challenge.