Kevin Durant surprises local boy with special phone call

(WJLA) - Mikka Harvey Jr. and his family still aren’t sure how it happened, they’re just glad that it did.{ }

“It’s like six degrees of separation,” said Harvey’s father,{ }Mikka Harvey.
{ }
“Somebody gets wind of it and calls so and so, who knows so and so, who knows so and so.”{ }

“I was excited,” said Harvey’s mother, Allyson Butler, “because I knew how excited he would be.”{ }

The{ }is an up and coming football star, but his favorite basketball star? Well, that’s an easy one.{ }

“Kevin Durant,” said Harvey Jr.{ }

Eight weeks ago, Harvey Jr.{ }suffered a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor on Feb. 12,{ }his 13th birthday.{ }

“I said, 'Why do you think God allowed this to happen to you?'” Butler asked her son. “He said, ‘I think God wanted me to give other kids courage.'"

The community rallied around Harvey Jr.{ }Bill Saunders runs the youth football league where he plays.{ }

“I had people coming by and dropping things off at my house,” said Saunders. “Magazines, get well cards, gas cards because they knew the family was going to have to make trips back and forth to Johns Hopkins.”{ }

Then there was something completely unexpected -{ }a phone call from Kevin Durant, All-Star forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder.{ }

“I didn’t believe it was him,” said Harvey. “I was so happy, Kevin Durant calling my phone, I mean he doesn’t even know me. He said that he would pray for me and hope that I get better.”{ }

“We just got an email from Johns Hopkins that let us know that the tumor was benign,” his father said.{ }

And give an assist to Durant, because every little bit helps.{ }

“I was already a fan, but I’m forever a fan,” the elder Harvey added. “ Even though it was only a two minute phone call, it went a long way.”