John Wall sees high expectations

Photo: The Associated Press

John Wall of the Washington Wizards went from a wonder kid out of Kentucky to a franchise player who has seen his fair share of ups and downs.

"I was just watching a film last night of my rookie year and it's funny how skinny I was," Wall said. "Crazy, and it's amazing how you improve every year. I'm nowhere reaching my potential. I think I'm buzzing it still. That's the scary thing about me."

Wall added, "I think when I came, I let my confidence go away a little. That's one thing you can't do in this league. Once your confidence is gone, you basically say your career is gone. I'm lucky I found my confidence last year."

This off-season, Wall signed a 5-year contract extension worth $80 million. Like every big moment in his life, his mother was there watching.

"She was just crying," Wall said. "To have those immediate family members there on a day like that means those were the ones who stuck with me when I was nothing."

This year, some Eastern Conference heavyweights are getting most of the attention, but Wall doesn't seem to mind.

"We low key, pretty quiet, nobody knows about us," Wall said. "But I think one thing is, a lot of teams aren't surprised by us no more."