John Riggins, former Redskins player, to be celebrity guest chef in D.C.

Locals know John Riggins from his time with The Washington Redskins in the 1970s, but now, Riggins is out hunting, fishing and cooking.

Riggins, who is a Hall of Famer and former Redskins Running Back and Superbowl MVP is also now the host of a new show, "Riggo on the Range."

Monday, Riggins will be one of the celebrity chefs at the SnakeHead at the Harbour event tonight at Tony and Joe's Seafood Place.

On his show,{ }Riggins and his guests around the country are "in pursuit of extraordinary hunting and outdoor adventures. In an added twist, John retires to the kitchen to show the audience how to prepare a gourmet meal using his prey," the show's website says.