Jeremy Lin: The meteoric rise of the Knicks point guard

Two weeks ago, few people knew who Jeremy Lin was. Now there's a whole new line of "linguistics."

Fans say he's lincredible and basically going linsane in the membrane over him.

The Linderella story as it's being called of Lin's overnight success is transcending team loyalties nationwide.

In two weeks , Lin has gone from bench warmer to international superstar. The 23-year-old guard has led the Knicks to a six game winning streak. He's scored more points in his first five starts than any other player in league history, punctuated by a last-minute game winning shot against Toronto last night.

"The way he stepped up and took the last second shot with the confidence that he had, to come from the D-league and to be put down two times, that just says a lot about who he is," said Gabe Peyton, basketball fan.

As popular as the Harvard educated, 6-foot-3 American born Taiwanese player is with basketball fans, he is ten times as popular within the Taiwanese community in D.C. and across the country.

"He's a great guy, he's the best," said Tony Cheng.

Cheng, who owns Tony Cheng's Seafood says Lin has been the talk of the restaurant among some of his biggest guests, including the Ambassador of Taiwan.

In the area's largest Taiwanese newspaper on Wednesday, a huge photo display of Lin was on the front page.

Stores across the country are rushing to get Lin's #17 jersey. Some stores expect their earliest batch sometime next month. MSG stock is skyrocketing and Lin has finally moved from a friend's couch to a condo at Trump Towers.