How bad is 'Luck' when you need it?

ABC7's Britt McHenry reporting from FedEx Field.

In the grand scheme of things, my journalism career is relatively short.

While I'm only into my second season covering the Redskins, I've spent about 20 years following the Miami Dolphins. I practically grew up with a Dan Marino jersey on my back. Needless to say, my love of the NFL started at a very early age, and if there's any match-up I'm well versed on, it's the one tomorrow.

I'm aware this is no Super Bowl; in fact, by many standards, it could be considered a "lackluster" Bowl. The Redskins have dropped 4 in a row, with the first shutout in Head Coach Mike Shanahan's 267 game career still etched in our minds.

Then, of course, there are the Dolphins. A 1-7 team, that somehow miraculously figured out how to surpass a lowly 15 point offensive average against the Kansas City Chiefs last week.

Oh, and they didn't just surpass it. They crushed it. Matt Moore, back up to former starter Chad Henne, threw four touchdowns. The first in a line of some 16 quarterbacks to do so, since Dan Marino in 1998. Yes, I know this team all too well. The Dolphins seemed to finally find some luckā€¦or did they?

There are two schools of thought for loyal fans: Root for your team no matter what, or throw in the towel and cheer for a higher draft pick. For at least the last 3 years (and I'm being generous) both Fins and Redskins fans can relate to the latter.

Make no mistake, Moore is not Miami's answer. And if I'm wrong? Fine, but you can't anoint someone a franchise quarterback after one win (sound familiar John Beck critics still waiting for that first victory?)

Head Coach Tony Sparano already put his South Florida home up for sale.

Despite the handful of games Miami stayed competitive in (Denver, New York, and Cleveland), the bottom line is they couldn't close.

By many standards, the only real competition this team is putting up is the stiff race with Indianapolis for Andrew Luck. Another win tomorrow, only distances Miami from the Stanford savior.

What about the Redskins? This is a team that started the season 3 and 2, and entered a bye week atop the NFC East standings. Even with an injury-ridden roster, and 3 offensive starters on the Injured Reserve list, this season is still salvageable.

Call me crazy--I believe you already have. But, their division is anything but a powerhouse this season, at least from a records standpoint. A win, albeit a "lucky" win tomorrow could truly turn things around for the Redskins, at least for the time being.

But with yet another consecutive loss, the Redskins could find themselves in the running for Andrew Luck before they know it. The Luck rally cry is getting louder in Washington.

Rex Grossman reportedly shared snaps with the first team offense this week. The unpredictable, and by some fan's accounts, strokes of fortune, might already be in effect for Sunday's game.