Game 5: Wizards vs. Bulls in Chicago

(WJLA) - The Chicago Bulls flag is still flying high over the windy city, but Bulls fans hoping for a win tonight have hit rock bottom:

"It's a huge hill to climb," said Collin Smith. "It doesn't mean they can't do it, they just have to figure it out."

The Wizards have already come into United Center twice this series with the Bulls and won. And tonight, a Washington win would send Chicago into the off-season.

A confident Wizards team practiced Tuesday morning here in Chicago, but Coach Randy Whitman feels tonight’s will be the hardest game for his team to win:

“We got to be the desperate team tonight. We got to win this game. That's kind of how we've approached each game of the season so far."

At Gold Coast Tickets, fans were still coming in to buy seats for tonight’s game. Fan Costa Metropolis said he believed he thought tonight was the end.

“But there is always hope,” he added.

"People just don't have that much faith in the team for winning. It looks like Washington will close tonight," said Max Waisvisz.

Meanwhile, downtown sports pubs are still expected to be packed with fans watching the game.