Forbes list of richest athletes 2013

David Beckham: $47.2 million

Forbes has put out its list of the world's highest paid athletes. It's no surprise that Tiger Woods is at the very top, raking in more than $78 million last year.

With endorsement deals on everything from shoes to champagne, tennis pro Roger Federer claims the number two spot. He made more than $71 million. And Kobe Bryant's wealth is nothing to sneeze at. He made nearly $62 million last year.

Other notables in the top ten are David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo. "Becks" actually donated his entire soccer salary of $5.3 million to a children's charity. Don't worry. He gets plenty more from endorsements and comes in at number eight on the chart. Ronaldo, also a soccer superstar, came in at number nine by putting a cool $44 million in the bank.

Most of the athletes owe their wealth to monster-sized paychecks and even bigger sponsorships.

For a full list of Forbes 100 highest paid athletes, click here.

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