NFL bag policy put into place at FedEx Field for season opener

LANDOVER, Md. (WJLA) -- Vania Briscoe learned the hard way about new security measures at FedExField. She was walking out as thousands walked in.

"I don't plan to come back and don't plan on buying anymore season tickets," she said. "They told me I couldn't bring my purse into the game and that I was welcome to throw out my $300 bag out before I came in."

To that, she said no. So Briscoe walked the 15 minutes back to her car to drop off her purse.

"I think all women should ban the games until they change," said Briscoe. "I don't mind somebody checking my bag for safety reasons, but I shouldn't have to throw my bag away."

The new rules went into effect during the preseason: no big bags are allowed, and whatever a visitor brings has to be in a small, clear plastic bag. Women are only allowed to bring small clutch purses.

The restrictions are designed to enhance security and speed up the entry process. But Tim Abell says it’s a pain for his wife, Laurel.

"It's hard to decide what to bring and what not to bring, and you really have to cut down what you're bringing along -- if you're going to be out for the whole day it's kind of tough," she said.

The changes in security came after the Boston Marathon bombings, though NFL officials say they were already talking about changes prior to the Boston incident.

Tiffany Foy knew what to expect and planned accordingly.

"It's annoying, but I do understand the security," she said.