FedEx Field conditions under scrutiny

Photo: The Associated Press

The field was patchy and the emblem was barely recognizable. FedEx Field’s conditions have come under fire since Sunday’s game.

“I was watching pretty closely and they mentioned the field was soft and really a mess,” says Bob Myers of Vienna.

When star quarterback RGIII went down late in the 4th quarter, viewers wondered if the field played a role.

Even ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted, "I can't say @RGIII never should have been out there. Let's wait for a few more facts. One fact: FedEx field conditions are terrible."

But when asked about the field, RGIII had a little more than a smile.

“That’s our home field advantage I guess,” he says.

Just last week, an injured Griffin helped defeat the Cowboys on the same field. D.C. Pro Sports reporter and writer Thomas Threlkeld says too much activity could have worn down the field, but it’s no excuse for dangerous conditions.

“These fields have to be in decent shape and that did not look like it was in NFL standard shape yesterday,” he says.

Yet the NFL says the Redskins followed and submitted the necessary certification for safe play prior to the game. Mike Shanahan says he believed the field looked fine.

“I really thought the field was OK because I didn’t see people slipping during the game. I’ve seen perfect grass and have seen people slipping all the time and so I don’t think there’s an advantage one way or a disadvantage one way, but you could like to have the perfect field, yes.”

Meanwhile, other NFL teams have gone to extra lengths to ensure their fields are in top condition. Green Bay’s “frozen tundra” at Lambeau Field looked pristine recently, despite winter weather. And as the Redskins look toward the future, some are wondering if the Skins will eventually pick turf over grass. Of the league’s 31 fields, about one dozen have turf. But the NFL says it’s not necessarily safer and has no official position on either surface.